We here in Mens Watches are enormous fans of tritium in watches, and Ball has already been performing this up that in their dials for ages. In their lineup, I have specific items that I enjoy (and just like less), but anytime there is a cyclops showing on the crystalI love to have a good look. As fortune would have it, two of those recently-released Ball Roadmaster Archangel versions have that exact attribute.

While we are utilized to viewing steel within their own mens luxury watches, here we have got a 42mm case made from bronze, although you still have all the protections we have come to expect out of Ball -- anti-magnetism, shock resistance, and water resistance (complete specs are down under ). This, of course, retains the COSC movement sound and safe, and retains the three-hander and day-date screen running time. Insert from the diving bezel, and you have got yourself a clean all-arounder.

Where my focus goes, but are into both best mens watches versions -- one in steel, and yet one in bronze. On the flip side, both of these are extremely much like the initial watch we spoke about (triple security, COSC motion ( similar dialup, tritium), but using a huge change it is possible to see. Gone would be the day-date windows, and instead you have just one date window using a bubbly cyclops on top of it. This can mean that there is a slightly different motion indoors (again, complete specs are below). The steel version also provides an intriguing color combo that you do not usually see -- a green dial with a green-red diving bezel.

All 3 versions are available to purchase today, and it is well worth noting that every version is limited to 1,000 pieces each. This pre requisite period will proceed until September 20, 2020, and it goes for complete retail. You can check out all of the facts and receive your order -- straight in Mens Watches